Dec 3, 2018

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3 Amazing Reasons to Visit Skardu!

There is no one who doesn’t want to visit the most beautiful places in the world as natural beauty has its own amazing attraction that appeals to every soul. If you are living in Pakistan then make sure to visit the extreme north side of Pakistan that is named as Skardu. This wonderful place is not only the main attraction for Pakistanis only but tourists from all over the world also love to visit this place as the highest mountains K2, K3, and Gasherbrum are also located here. So if you are planning a trip to the northern side of Pakistan, don’t miss the central valley of Gilgit Baltistan which is the epitome of beauty. Some amazing reasons to visit Sakrdu are discussed here that’ll make you love Gilgit even more.

Towering Mountains attract Climbers!

Climbers from all over the world get attracted to the snow-capped mountains of Skardu that are extremely difficult to climb. Well, still the adventure lovers feel a courage inside when they see K2 and K3. Many climbers even have lost their lives while climbing K2 as its peak is almost impossible to explore.

Kachura Lakes!

Upper Kachura and Lower Kachura are two famous lakes of Skardu. The beauty of these lakes can be felt while sitting on a boat in the centre of the Kachura Lake. Upper kachura has been explored by many travellers and boating service is quite amazing here. The water of this lake is crystal clear and it is surrounded with huge mountains and wonderful trees. Trout fish has a uniquely delicious taste and is loved by many so travellers make sure to do fishing at this lake as well.

Shangrila Resort!

It won’t be justice staying somewhere else in Skardu other than Shangrila Resort as its beauty makes the soul relaxed. Most of the time people go to northern areas to give themselves a short break from the crowded places of towns so Shangrila resort in Skardu is more than a right place to stay. It is full of peace as a beautiful lake gives a mesmerizing view when you step out the resort because it is surrounded with amazing greenery, flowers, trees, and mountains that actually make it a fairytale place.

You would love to walk along the side of the lake and mountains in a cold morning or evening. The lush greenery and beautiful flowers give an amazing view in the spring season. The beautiful Shangrila resort in Skardu is one of the main attractions and tourists usually prefer to stay at this resort as its beauty makes the soul peaceful. So, make sure that you explore Skardu at least once in your whole life.